Welcoming a Nanny Into Your Family!


Eventually the day will arrive when parents would need to start thinking about which childcare option will work best for their family. Many families consider whether a nanny will be best.

Often this may be for many families an unnerving decision to be made; after all you will be leaving you most cherished little ones in the hands of another person. This is exactly why families need complete reassurance and peace of mind that their little ones are in the best possible care (other than themselves).

The first five years of a child’s life is a very crucial and special time which is why laying the best foundations that are built on solid ground, is fundamentally important as this will help shape a child’s way of thinking.

Welcoming a nanny into your lives to love and care for your children in your home, gives parents the comfort that their children are benefiting from a personal relationship with somebody other than mummy or daddy.

Children are able to be in the comfort of their own home (often this is their safe place), being around things that are familiar to them, making children feel safer and more content.

Children are able to have play dates with their friend’s in either their own home or at their friend’s house, which helps children to learn social skills by encouraging them to share and take turns with their friend’s and siblings.

Routine may be continued as normal once the nanny has settled into your home and can implement any form of structure that has been put in place, working in partnership with you.

For parents that work longs hours or need more flexibility, often nannies are happy to help out by staying longer if you are delayed by unforeseen circumstances (as long as there is clear communication).

Most nannies are happy to keep a diary of each day spent with your children, which can be very rewarding for parents to read and helps parents keep up to date with their children lives while they are at work.

Some nannies are happy to accompany their families on their holidays within the UK and abroad. This can be a huge benefit for parents that would like some time to enjoy together, knowing that their children are with their nanny that they adore and trust.

Families often benefit when two or more children are cared for by their nanny as this often works out more cost effective than other settings.

Nannies are able to help with child related tasks in your home, as well as cooking healthy and balanced meals, taking children to any necessary appointments, do the school run, assist with any homework or projects, ensure that your children are at their out of school activities and help with the odd errand.

Nannies can be flexible if the nanny is needed to stay over for the night in the event of an emergency, which serves very useful, as your children will know your nanny as they share a close relationship.

Having a nanny that shares the same values as your family is so fundamentally important, as you have the comfort knowing that regardless whether your children are with you or your nanny, the same values and beliefs will be taught and will be set as an example to your little ones.

A good relational dynamic often equates to the nanny becoming part of your family, where trust and respect are at the core of the relationship. Having peace of mind that your children are in the best possible care is absolutely invaluable and priceless.

Proverbs 22:6 (KJV)

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.


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