Important Nanny Interview Questions to be asked

Nanny interview questions

When interviewing a nanny, it is vital to ask the right nanny interview questions so that you can decide if the nanny will be the right fit for your family and may help you to find someone that stands out above other candidates.

It can be difficult to think of questions you’d like to ask if you haven’t interviewed someone for a nanny position before, especially when you are juggling many things in your own life, so we have put together a few important nanny interview questions which we hope will help you during this time.

Why did you choose to be a nanny?

What seems like a simple question will encourage your interviewees to talk about their own story, what they are passionate about when it comes to looking after children and how they achieved their dream of being a nanny.

This could also branch off into going into detail about their first nannying job or their qualifications if they hold any. If they are applying for their first nannying job, they are sure to appreciate the chance to talk about why they are sitting in front of you rather than focus purely on questions about their previous work and this question gives you the chance to find out about them as a person.

It is also great to listen to people’s experiences and backgrounds as you will find that nannies in London may have completely different reasons for being in childcare than those who grew up in the countryside and it is really interesting to immerse yourself in a variety of stories.

What are your favourite activities to do with children?

Different people have different hobbies and you will often find that nannies will excel in those activities that are linked to what they enjoy doing in their spare time. Whether this is going for walk, baking or arts and crafts, this question gives you the opportunity to find out what you could expect your children to be doing during the day if you were to choose this candidate.

You can also ask how they would plan what they will be doing with your children during the day, find out what kinds of materials or money they might need to carry out their favourite activities and why they think that the activities they enjoy doing are beneficial to a child’s development.

How would you react in an emergency?

Although you would like to think that nothing bad will happen to your children while they are in a nanny’s care, we all know that sometimes things happen that are out of our control and you need to have the peace of mind that your new nanny would be able to deal with an emergency if one were to occur.

For this question you might like to focus on specific examples, such as what they would do if your child locked themselves in the bathroom or began choking on a piece of food. This is also a good opportunity to ask your interviewees about the first aid or health and safety qualifications that they hold.

Do you have any questions?

This is an important question to ask at the end of your interview as your prospective nanny is sure to have queries of their own surrounding your family, the job or the working hours. If there is anything that you are unsure of how to answer that is absolutely fine, just let them know that you are still working on defining the role and you will let them know.

Hearing the types of questions that your candidates ask is another great indicator of the type of person they are and what they find important, so definitely encourage them to ask at least a couple of questions if they haven’t come prepared with what they would like to know.

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