Tips for being Professional with your Nanny

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After settling in your nanny should start to feel like a member of your family as time goes on, and maintaining a professional relationship is important as you need to ensure that the focus is on how they are caring for your children.

Here we share tips for being professional with your nanny so that you can build a relationship that benefits you both in the right ways.

Set the tone

The best way to start off on the right foot with a new nanny is to set the tone from the beginning so that you both know what to expect from the working relationship. The main points to this are that you come to an understanding about mutual professionalism and respect and that all duties are outlined and agreed.

It is advisable to put all duties and responsibilities in writing so that you are both aware of what has been agreed and this can always be amended later if new things need to be added or if certain points can be removed.

You should also consider how much experience your nanny has had at this time too, as if you have hired a junior nanny or mother’s help you may find that they need a little more direction than a fully qualified nanny would.

If you have hired a live-in nanny there will be extra things to consider, such as whether they will be joining your family outside of working hours, ensuring that they have their own privacy and outlining any additional house rules that you may have.

Have regular meetings

The meetings that you have with your nanny can be as formal or informal as you like, but it is important that you have them regularly and away from the children so that you can both focus on what is being said.

These meetings should be a time to share any concerns, give constructive feedback and provide praise on what you think is going well. Your nanny should also be able to raise any issues or share ideas that they may have during these meetings and you can also choose to document what is said so you can both have it for reference at a later date if required.

To establish a professional relationship with your nanny it is vital that you are approachable so that they feel comfortable talking to you, but you should aim to stay clear of any personal topics that do not relate to work. Discussing personal matters can just lead to one or both of you feeling uncomfortable which can cause awkwardness in the home.

Of course if there is a personal matter that may affect the relationship between you and your nanny it is important to share this in an appropriate way so that it can be handled correctly.

Support your nanny’s decisions

Parents can find it difficult to get used to someone else making decisions about their children, which is completely understandable, however once your nanny has got into a routine with the children you must avoid undermining your nanny as this may cause confusion and this could encourage your children not to listen to your nanny.

If there is anything that you would like your nanny to do, or not do, this should be outlined so that they are aware, but then you should be able to trust them to support and care for your children as you would without interference.

Supporting your nanny is very important for your professional relationship as you want to encourage them to form a bond with your children, so that they feel comfortable around the person who is taking care of them.

It is very likely that you will form a friendship with your nanny over time, but this should be something that develops naturally rather than something that you try to encourage straightaway.

We hope that these tips for being professional with your nanny will help you to develop an excellent working relationship which will benefit you, your children and your new nanny.

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