Four Discipline tips for Nannies

Discipline tips

Discipline is a very important part of a nanny’s job as knowing exactly when children need disciplining and how this should be carried out will be something that could present itself quite often throughout their time with a family. Here we look at four nanny discipline tips which can help both parents and nannies to …

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Five Organisation Tips for Nannies

five organisation tips for nannies

Looking after children can often be unpredictable and although the fun of not knowing what each day will bring, is something that draws a lot of people to this line of work, this does mean that nannies must be prepared and organised so that they can deal with whatever comes their way, therefore we have …

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Becoming A Nanny Employer?

Becoming a Nanny Employer

Becoming a nanny employer can be daunting for many parents especially if they have never employed a nanny before. Thankfully there is help available from the professionals at Nanny Tax. Becoming a nanny employer When you employ a nanny in your home you get the ideal solution to your childcare needs, but you also become …

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Are you Considering a Nanny Share?

Nanny Share

Having a nanny care for your children in your own home can be more cost-effective especially if you have two or more children to be cared for. Welcoming a nanny brings many benefits including your children being in the comfort of their own home. Entering into a nanny share is even more cost effective as …

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Simplicity Like Little Children


Have you ever stopped and wondered just how precious children are in their purity and innocence? It is absolutely amazing to see how much children trust their loved ones without doubting. Being a child with no worries or cares in the world and loving life to the fullest is such a special time and will …

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