Three Ways to Support Children with their Homework


Whether you are a parent or a nanny it is very likely that at some point you will be required to help the children in your care with their homework, and this can be quite a challenge as it is not something children generally like to do.

Whether they have just started primary school or are making their way through secondary school, these three ways to support children with their homework will hopefully be useful to you as you help and encourage them to learn.

Create a homework-friendly area

No-one can concentrate on work if they don’t have everything that they need and if there are distractions to draw their attention away from the job in hand, so creating a homework-friendly area is very important in helping children to study.

This area can be set up in any room of the house that you both agree on and should include a surface to work on, stationery, a comfortable chair, and any reference books that may be required. It should also be well organised so that important pieces of paper are not lost and kept clean and tidy to limit the possibility of distractions.

It is vital that the area in which children complete their homework is well lit to ensure that they do not strain their eyes and setting it up close to a window is a great idea as natural light can be very motivating.

Agree on a homework schedule

If a plan isn’t put into place for when homework should be completed it can be easily forgotten due to all the other things that both you and the children in your care need to think about and agreeing on a homework schedule can really help to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

This schedule can be worked out together, especially with older children, and should include the times in which homework should be completed and allow for breaks in between to split the work into chunks.

Breaks are very important as knowing that they have time away from homework coming up can really motivate children to work hard in the sections of time between their periods of rest. It can also be a good idea to prepare healthy snacks which can be enjoyed during their breaks as a reward to motivate them to continue and provide energy too.

To make it a little more appealing, the schedule can be colour-coded for different subjects, have stickers added to it when certain tasks have been completed, or have treats associated with achieving different goals.

Remember to give praise

Even though completing homework is just something that children must do, it is still important to praise them once they have finished it to show them that you are proud of them and encourage them to continue to work hard each day.

It may give your child added confidence if you check all that they have done before they take it into school. However, it is also important to allow them to make mistakes as this will help them to learn and realise that they have a bit more work to do in order to fully understand that particular topic.

Taking an interest in the homework that the children in your care have been given, is vital in ensuring that they get the most out of their school life and knowing when you need to let their teacher know that they may need extra help. This is paramount in helping them to succeed, so your main role is understanding this balance and acting accordingly.

By incorporating these three ways to support children with their homework into your routine, you can be confident that they are getting the best out of this learning time and that they have the motivation, space and equipment needed to work to the best of their ability.

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