How to have a Relaxed School Run

Relaxed school run

Mornings can be difficult enough without worrying about successfully completing the school run, but as a parent or nanny it is likely that this is something that you need to do daily.

However, it doesn’t have to be a stressful and chaotic experience. We have put together some tips on how to have a relaxed school run so that you and the children in your care start your days in a positive way.

Organisation is everything

The more that you organise the night before, the less you will have to do in the morning, so make things easier for yourself and sort out as much as you can in the afternoon or evening to give you a relaxed start.

Tasks which can be completed in advance include making packed lunches, setting the breakfast table, laying out school uniforms and your own clothes and ensuring that all homework has been completed and put into school bags.

Putting everything together by the front door the night before can help the school run to go smoothly, as you just need to grab everything on your way out of the door instead of running around gathering items at the last minute.

Be motivated in the mornings

Most people find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, particularly during the winter when it is cold and dark but motivating yourself to jump out of bed and start the day will mean that you have more time to relax and take your time over the school run.

Resist the urge to snooze your alarm multiple times, put on a song that you love when you wake up, and have something delicious for breakfast to help you to kick start your day in a great way.

If you are up and ready before the children are, it will set a great example and encourage them to get out of bed and ready in good time too.

Share out the morning chores

No matter how organised you are there will always be chores that you can’t complete until the morning and sharing these out between yourself and the children will mean that they are finished quickly.

Set up a rota which includes everyone’s names and the tasks that need doing, such as feeding pets, washing up breakfast items, or loading the dishwasher, and tick these off so you know that everything has been done before you set off on the school run.

Keep your car in order

There’s nothing worse than getting into a cluttered car when you’re feeling under pressure, so ensuring that you keep it clean and tidy will mean that you will have a far more relaxed school run, unless you usually walk of course!

In addition to this, always make sure that it is topped up with fuel to avoid any last-minute petrol station trips and check the tyre pressure, water and oil level regularly to prevent any nasty surprises.

It is also handy to have an alternative route in mind just in case there is unexpected traffic on the roads that you normally use and knowing a few places where you can safely park can take some stress out of the school run too.

Keep calm

Sometimes things will be forgotten, and the children will end up heading to school without their packed lunch or P.E. t-shirt, but this is not the end of the world and if you can’t drop whatever they are missing off a bit later then the school will be able to help.

You should always try to keep this in mind to have a relaxed school run so that you can keep calm and focus on dropping the children off safely and are able to feel positive and motivated.

Whether you are a parent or a nanny we hope that these tips help you to have a relaxed school run, and that you can start your day stress-free and with a smile.


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