Reading Books With Your Children

Reading Books

In this blog post we look at the importance of reading books with your children and just how great this hobby is for your whole family.

Reading books with each other comes with a whole range of benefits that all families should take advantage of. Books offer children so many opportunities to learn and absorb new information which makes reading just as educational as it is fun. Even if you are choosing to read fictional books with your child, which may mean that they don’t learn any new facts, they will be able to pick up reading skills such as page turning and reading from left to right which will help them in school.

In addition to this, reading books will expose your children to words and phrases which they may not hear during their day to day life, and this will help to increase their vocabulary and improve their language fluency.

This is vital in helping them with their literacy and speech and will ensure that they build strong conversation skills, which will benefit them when they are speaking to both children and adults.

Reading books together is a great way to relax and unwind, especially before bed. This activity will also teach your child how to sit and concentrate for longer periods of time without becoming distracted, which is a skill that their teachers will certainly thank you for.

Books will teach children about different scenarios that happen in the real world, and this can help them to understand how they would react if this situation were to happen to them or someone that they know. This can also build up their range of emotional responses and empathy which will encourage them to become kind, generous and sharing individuals.

Reading stories about different countries and cultures will improve a child’s understanding of diversity which is very important, especially for those who will soon be starting school and will also prepare them for their geography lessons. It may also be that you would like to introduce them to books which can teach them a new language, another skill that is fantastic for children to gain.

Encouraging discussion with your children following a story is a lovely way to get them to really use their imaginations and get creative with ideas about what the characters might do next or where the story is heading. You could also create activities from this where they write the next part of the story themselves, or draw some pictures to accompany the section of the book that you have just read.

One of the best things that you can teach your child about reading is that it is a fun activity and a great source of entertainment. If they can learn how much pleasure can be taken from reading a good book, it is more likely that they will turn to literature rather than technology when they need something to do.

Choosing books and reading them together will help you and your children to create a bond, which allows you to relax and enjoy each other’s company without any distractions while getting lost in your favourite stories.

Jesus loved teaching people in parables. Spending time with your children reading the Bible will help them to learn about the amazing people who obediently sacrificed their lives and chose to live for God. Reading the Bible will help them to understand how much they are truly loved by Jesus and God.

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