How to transition your toddler to a new nanny

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Change can be difficult for anyone to handle, particularly when they are too young to properly understand what is happening around them. This is why many parents worry about how to transition their toddler to a new nanny, when they have decided to hire someone for the first time or a previous nanny has left.

If you have chosen to hire a nanny, it can be just as difficult for you to leave your child in someone else’s care as it is for your child to transition, so it is important to organise the process in a way that helps you both and is suitable for your new nanny too.

Following these simple yet fundamental tips, can make the world of difference:

To begin with, it can be a good idea for you, your child, and your nanny to spend time together with the focus on getting your child to gain trust for their new caregiver, and for the two of them to learn about each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

Some families like to do this within their home where the child feels most comfortable and safe. This also gives the nanny a chance to observe behaviour and routine within the family home which can help them to adjust to the way in which things are done, while gaining information about how the child acts.

Alternatively, you could decide to all meet in a local park where your child can play with their new nanny with you in the background, so that they know you are close by but can enjoy having fun with their new caregiver, as doing fun activities together will help them to bond.

A question and answer session for both your toddler and their new nanny can also be a helpful exercise, as it will give them the chance to learn about each other in a fun way while you are also present.

Following this, you may choose to build up the time that you spend away from your child rather than to disappear for a whole day, even if this is what will be happening once you get into your new routine.

Perhaps start by just sitting in a different room of the house to your child and nanny, and then move to the garden while they are in the house the next day, and then try going somewhere a little further, where you can still get home easily but are away for a bit longer.

Each time you do this, you should explain to your toddler where you are going and let them know that you will be coming back. If you leave and they become distressed, then go back to them, as this could cause them to gain negative feelings about being around the nanny when they are still in the transition period.

Another way to make certain that a smooth transition occurs, is to ensure that your child has a comforter which they can use when you are not around. This may be a toy or blanket which they have had since they were born or something you buy them once you have decided to hire a nanny, which can soothe them if they are feeling anxious at all.

It is also important to have extra quality time when you and your child are together so that you can continue to grow your bond, and this will also help to reassure them that you will always come back, no matter how long you are away for.

If your child is a little older, it can be beneficial to let them take part in the selection process when you are looking to hire a nanny, or to name qualities that they would like which you can work with. This will help them to understand that you want to choose someone who they will like, and they will feel like they have some control in the situation.

By following these tips, you can ensure that you can transition your toddler to a new nanny with ease, and they can start enjoying each other’s company within no time at all.

If you have any questions about finding a nanny and how to introduce them to your child, please do contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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