Is a Nanny Qualification Necessary?

Nanny qualification

There are so many factors to take into consideration when you are looking to hire a nanny and it can be difficult to work out what your priorities are, but it is very likely that you will consider whether a nanny qualification is necessary during your decision-making process.

Ofsted registration

It is not a legal requirement for nannies to hold a legal qualification. Nannies can take care of children without one and individuals can apply for Ofsted registration without having a formal qualification too.

To register with Ofsted on the voluntary childcare register the following requirements must be met:

Step one: Complete an Enhanced DBS and register for the update service

Step two: Complete the Common Core Skills and Knowledge training course or already hold a Level 2 Childcare qualification or higher

Step three: Attend an Ofsted recognised Paediatric First Aid (12 hours) training course

Step four: Get Public Liability Insurance. This protects nannies and brings peace of mind to potential employers

Benefits of holding a nanny qualification

As with any qualification there are certainly benefits of holding one, which may make a nanny with a qualification more appealing to you during your search.

For example, qualified nannies will have extra knowledge about child development, health and nutrition, child welfare, discipline techniques, and how to form trusting relationships with both parents and the children in their care.

A nanny with a level 3 qualification may also have practical experience of working with young children, planning educational activities and evaluating these once they have been completed, and have a strong understanding of the factors which can impact on a child’s development.

Should you hire an unqualified nanny?

Nannies who do not hold a qualification are also very likely to have knowledge in these areas, especially if they have been working with families prior to yours. Most nannies have a great passion for the job that they do, which means that quite often they undertake their own research and learning to ensure that they are carrying out their role correctly.

An unqualified nanny who shows an eagerness to do well, will have a keen interest in their line of work and ensure that they are always up to date with the latest information surrounding their career choice. Generally, these nannies will be just as capable of doing their job as a qualified nanny would be.

It is also worth looking at other qualifications that potential nannies may hold, which could mean that they have transferable skills which will help them to carry out the role. For example, if they have a qualification in health and nutrition or education this could mean that they can bring something to the role that you might not get from someone with childcare qualifications.

How should you prioritise your requirements?

The number one thing to consider when hiring a nanny to take care of your children is what they are like as a person and whether you think that your family could build a relationship with them. The views that you hold should match theirs, so that you know that your children will be brought up in the way you want them to be, and their personality should be a great match for your family.

A willingness to learn is also important as a lot of information can be found in journals and by keeping up with industry news which can be accessed without completing a qualification, and there is always the option for them to work towards a qualification further down the line if this is what they would like to do.

You should try to keep in mind that a nanny with qualifications may expect higher pay than a nanny who does not hold any, so this might be a deciding factor depending on the budget that you have available to you. However, this could also be the case if you are looking to hire an unqualified nanny who has many years of experience, so it may not necessarily be an issue.

If the nanny chosen by your family does not hold a nanny qualification this does not mean that you should be concerned. All good nannies will still be able to provide your children with the love, support and direction that they need to grow into wonderful and caring people.

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