Nannies vs Day-Care: A Comparison

Nannies vs Day-Care crayons

When you have a child below school age it may be that you require either a nanny or a space in day-care for them so that you can return to work.

There are so many differences between these two options that you may be finding it difficult to decide which would be the best choice for your child.

Here, we look at the pros and cons of both nannies and day-care and hope that we can help you to make the right choice.


The routine that you hope to have in place can really impact on whether a nanny or day-care would be best for you and your child. This is because a nanny can fit in with the routine that you choose, whereas with day-care you’ll be held to whichever hours they have available.

Hiring a nanny will also mean that you won’t need to rush around during the mornings to get your child ready for the day. You’ll be able to focus on yourself before work as your nanny will be there to complete all child related tasks.

Relationship Building

In order for your child to develop great social skills, it is important that they have the opportunity to spend lots of time with other people: both adults and children.

Day-care is ideal for this as your child will be among plenty of other kids daily and will be looked after by more than one individual which will help them to become comfortable when being looked after by someone who isn’t a parent or other family member.

The negative side to this is that children can learn negative behaviours from others while in day-care.
When hiring a nanny your child may still benefit from socialising with children either at local play groups or by having play dates at your home with other children.

Health and Safety

All nannies and day-cares will need to hold certain certificates, qualifications and meet numerous standards to look after your child and keep them safe.

However, when in day-care it is more likely that your child will catch colds and bugs as they will be exposed to any germs that other children in the day-care have.

When you hire a nanny, your child will mostly be looked after within your own house. This means that any childproofing you already have in place will be in effect and you know that the environment will be clean and hygienic.

Consistency and Stability

Another childcare area that you might be concerned about is how consistent and stable the quality of care they will be receiving. When you hire a nanny, you can be sure that your child will have someone there for them who they can build a strong one to one bond with and that one person will always be there for them when you are at work.

You could also choose to have a live-in or live-out nanny, which means that they could be around most of the time if you wanted them to be, offering even more stability.

Day-care cannot really offer the same level of consistency as there will be many adults taking care of your child and the staff turnover in day-cares is often quite high. This could mean that your child is having to build relationships with people more often, which can be a little overwhelming when they are such a young age.

Whether you decide to hire a nanny or book your child into day-care, you can be sure that they will learn a variety of skills and how to socialise with other people.

If you choose to hire a nanny in London, we would love to help you to find one who is experienced to the level you require and who will fit in well with your family and the values that you promote in your home.

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