What to Include in your Nanny Profile

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In order to give yourself the best chance of getting a nanny job, you might like to know what to include in your nanny profile.

Your nanny profile will be used to provide our nanny agency with details about you. So, it is important that you include everything that is required and give as much detail as necessary. This will help us to match you with suitable families once registered with our nanny agency.

At Christian Nannies, we ask nannies in London and further afield to complete these essential details as part of their application process.

You will be expected to provide information in the following fields:

Personal details – When you complete your personal information, make sure that you are completely honest when answering all of the questions that are asked. We also suggest that you double check your contact details, as if you get these wrong, you won’t hear from us about the fantastic opportunities we may find you.

Employment questions – The employment section on our application form simply asks you to state whether or not you have the right to work in the UK. This is highly important in order for us to place you in a nanny role in London or any other area in the UK.

Health – The health questions are there so we can ensure that you will be safe at work once we place you with a family. You will be asked to state whether you have any allergies, if you are a smoker and if you are generally healthy.

Experience – Sharing details of your childcare experience with us is vital to help us to find you a nanny job that is suitable for you. We would like to know the ages of the children you have worked with, if you have been a nanny for children with special needs and if you have experience working with many siblings – including twins or triplets. Once we have this information, we can look for vacancies which require the experience that you have.

Qualifications – Many families like their nannies to have childcare qualifications, so it is good to know which ones you hold. It is also useful to know if you gained these qualifications in the UK or if they are an equivalent from overseas.

References – References from previous employers are very important to families looking to hire a nanny as they love to see how you have performed in previous roles. It is great to include three written childcare references on your nanny profile, but we may also consider two childcare references in certain circumstances.

CV – Your CV also forms an important part of your nanny profile, as it highlights your best skills and the tasks that you have excelled in. Always make sure that your CV is up to date and don’t miss out any of the highlights of your nanny career so far, no matter how small it seems.

Job preferences – We don’t want you to waste your time, or the time of any of our families, so knowing what your job preferences are is vital. Tell us whether you are looking for something full-time or part-time, living in or out, what your preferred working days and hours are and the date you can start. We would also like to know what salary you are looking for, whether you’d be happy to travel abroad, what your ideal employers would be like and if you’re willing to complete child related household tasks.

Additional information – It may feel like everything has been covered but there are a few final details that you need to complete for your nanny profile. These include whether you are Ofsted registered, if you hold an up to date Enhanced DBS certificate and if you are signed up for the DBS update service, whether you are First Aid trained and if you have a clean driving license.

Once you have submitted all this information to us and we are happy to proceed, we will invite you for an in-depth interview in person. After the interview has taken place and we are satisfied, we will begin our search for a nanny job in London or further afield for you. To get started, you can find our application form here. If you have any questions or need some assistance, please do contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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