The Importance of Play for your Child

Importance of play

Play is something that all children should have access to as it is very important for their growth and development. Some parents may find that there are aspects that they haven’t given much thought to before. We hope that this information will be helpful!

Learning, growing and bonding

Most children can entertain themselves as they get older, but ensuring that you are involved in their play is a great way to bond with them and help them with their social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

Quite often you will find that you just can’t make time to play with your child, but this can offer opportunities to include them in your daily tasks. For example, why not let them help you with the washing up, explain the process of making to do lists, or give them small tasks to do while you are cooking meals?

Not only will this provide quality time with your child but it will also help them to develop skills which will help them as they get older. However, it is also vital that you find time to play with your child when they can take control of what they do and can take the lead in the games that you find yourselves playing.

When it comes to playtime you should also try to be flexible and spontaneous where possible. If the sun comes out don’t delay getting to the park or if your child has found a new game to play during the day let them show you while it is still fresh in their mind.

Children love being active!

Play also offers a great opportunity for your child to get active, which is vital for their health and growth. This means that games which involve running around, going for walks, using park equipment or any other exercise that you can think of are ideal, as they come with so many benefits whilst being great fun.

Arranging playdates with other children is another fantastic way to get your child playing and developing as they should be. Getting young children together helps them to learn new words, teaches them how to share and gives them the chance to work on their social skills and self-esteem.

Children have amazing imaginations!

In addition to this, play will give your child independence as they build on these new skills and will encourage them to use their imagination and creativity to think of games, which suit their interests and help them to solve problems too.

Not only is play important for children, but as their parent you will find that it offers you plenty of benefits too. Not only will playing with your child give you the opportunity to bond with them in a calm and creative environment, but it will give you the chance to relax and forget about your daily stresses too.

It may not be often that you have the time to let your imagination run wild and get creative but playtime can bring this back into your life, while benefitting your child at the same time.

Arranging time for your friends and adult family members to spend time playing with your child is important too, as this will help them to form a bond and gain your child’s trust. It will also help your child to feel comfortable around other adults which is vital for when they start school.

The same is true if you have decided to hire a nanny. Ensuring that they find time to play with your child, among any other tasks that they are required to do throughout the day will help them to build a strong relationship, which is vital for your child and nanny to bond.

It may be that your nanny spends most of the day with your child, therefore it may be down to your nanny to make time for play to help with your child’s development, so this is something which should be discussed when you are hiring someone for the position.

We hope that this has given some insight into the importance of play for your child and please contact us should you require any information about how to discuss this requirement with your nanny.

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