How to be a Great Nanny Employer

Great Nanny Employer

If you are wondering how to be a great nanny employer, once you have been through the process of finding a nanny, it is vital that you do all that you can to ensure that they are happy and enjoying working for you, so that they don’t decide to move on prematurely.

You will be pleased to know that it is very simple if you just follow a few important guidelines.

Make things clear

When you first employ your nanny, you must ensure that you are clear about what you expect and what you are offering as part of their contract.

For example, outline the duties and responsibilities that they will have, their working hours, pay, holiday and any other details that are important to you. This way your nanny will know what their working day will involve and there will be no confusion about this a little further down the line.

Pay well

It is common for nannies to base their salary expectations on the experience that they have, so you should be happy to pay your nanny depending on how much experience you are hoping that they will bring to the role.

By paying your nanny well they will show commitment to your family and will often go above and beyond to do a fantastic job as they will feel appreciated. You could also offer them a benefit of kind by offering an extra days holiday for each year worked, an annual bonus or paying for a childcare training course to support further development.

It is also a good idea to provide your nanny with petty cash in case they need to purchase anything for your children throughout the day, like snacks or supplies for activities. Although these things will not amount to a lot of money, this must not come out of your nannies personal money.

Encourage great communication

The best way to find out whether your nanny is happy is to ask them on a regular basis away from the children. You could set up short meetings every few weeks or so to give you and your nanny the opportunity to discuss how things are going and any issues that may have presented themselves.

These meetings will also give you the opportunity to praise your nanny for anything that you have been particularly happy with.

In addition to these meetings, it may be helpful to arrange professional reviews every 6 or 12 months where you can go through great things that your nanny does and any areas that they may need to work on. These reviews can be followed up with a written evaluation and perhaps the implementation of a bonus scheme or pay rise if this is something that has been discussed.

Keep things professional

When your nanny has been with your family for a long period of time it can be easy to see them as a friend, which is fantastic for your working relationships but also comes with some potential problems.

You shouldn’t discuss personal issues, such as marital disputes with your nanny, as they should be an impartial party and these kinds of topics may make them feel uncomfortable. It is also advisable to avoid asking your nanny personal questions or prying into their life outside of work unless you have concerns which may be affecting their performance.

Show your nanny respect

The most important thing that you can do to be a great nanny employer is to show them respect for their work and to let them know that you trust them to look after your children. Remember to show them how much you appreciate them whenever you can and let them know that you are grateful for how hard they work to keep your children happy and healthy.

By following these tips, you will be a great nanny employer and you could enjoy many years with your chosen nanny in which you have a shared understanding and mutual respect.

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