Great Christmas Activity Ideas for Children

Christmas activity ideas

There is loads of festive fun to be had in the lead up to Christmas, and with the children being off school for a couple of weeks, it is a great time to get them involved in some fantastic activities that encompass some Christmas spirit.

So, whether you are a nanny or a parent, have a look at these great Christmas activity ideas for children. We are sure that you will discover plenty of ways to keep them entertained during the school holidays.

Christmas crafts

Arts and crafts is a big part of Christmas for many children as it gives them a chance to get creative and make gifts for their friends and family.

Why not start with helping them to make their own Christmas cards to give their festive greetings a personal touch? They could choose to make fluffy snowmen out of cotton wool balls, angels with glittery wings and halos or reindeer with pipe cleaner antlers.

Christmas is also a great opportunity to have fun finger-painting as there are many Christmas characters which can be created using this particular form of art. For something a little more technical, using potato printing to decorate wrapping paper is a lovely way to add something a bit unique under the tree.

Christmas games

Christmas is the perfect time to come together with family and friends to play games that you have loved for years and to try out new ones too.

If you don’t have a collection of board games you can always pick these up from charity shops, meaning that you can give to a good cause at the same time, and provide a new home for much-loved games.

Try to choose games that enable the whole family to get involved as some are not suitable for younger children or may not be engaging enough for older children. You should also make sure that they allow for as many players as there are people in your family so that no-one gets left out!

It doesn’t have to be board games that you play if you’d prefer something different. You could set up festive treasure hunts around the house or wrap up and head outside for some classic games of hide and seek or playing at the park.

Christmas charity ideas

As well as having fun with loved ones, the lead-up to Christmas is ideal for teaching children about how important it is to think about others who may have less than themselves. This doesn’t necessarily mean donating money but could mean taking part in an activity which cheers up someone’s Christmas.

For example, try taking the children to visit a nursing home to talk to the residents. Some of them may not get many visitors, so some time spent chatting with children who are excited about the festive season could really put them into a Christmassy mood. It may also be that carol singing has been organised which you and your children could get involved with.

Making lunch for homeless people is another way to spread a little joy around Christmastime to those less fortunate. Lunches can be chosen and made as a family with everyone having their own part to play in putting the meals together. You can choose to distribute the lunches yourself afterwards or can donate through a charity if you have one in your local area.

For something especially festive you could choose to get involved with ‘Operation Christmas Child’ which is run by charity Samaritans Purse each year. It may be that your children are already taking part in this in school, but there is no reason why you can’t do it at home too. The idea is to fill a shoebox with gifts and toys for a child that needs it and then this is sent off by the charity for you.

With these great Christmas activity ideas for children available for you to take part in during this festive season, you are sure to find something to do to keep you all occupied during the school holidays.

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