Four Tips for New Nannies

Tips for new nannies

Searching for and starting any new job is daunting, and this is the same for anyone who is beginning their rewarding career as a nanny. You may even be feeling a little more nervous than most jobseekers as helping to bring up children is a big responsibility and one that comes with the need for great care and attention.

To help to put you at ease we have put together four tips for new nannies, which we hope will help you as you embark on your career path with strength and confidence.

Be a bit fussy

If you are currently in a position where you are unemployed, it may be that you are really concerned about getting a job quickly. However, it is better to allow yourself to be a bit fussy during your search so that you don’t end up in a role that doesn’t suit you.

The best way to avoid falling into this trap is to make a list of what you are looking for and work out what your priorities are. This way you will know what you really want from your nanny position and which details you will be happy to negotiate.

Once you have found a family that you think you would be happy to work for, don’t be afraid to ask any questions that you have or to address any concerns. This will not make you seem picky and jeopardise your chance of getting the job, but will let you know whether it is right for you and show the family that you are serious about the role.

Ask for a written agreement

Knowing what is expected from you before you accept a nanny position is vital in ensuring that everything runs smoothly once you start work. Plus having an agreed list of responsibilities and tasks will help you to manage your time and complete everything in an orderly manner.

It is for this reason that we suggest that you ask for a written agreement before you start working for a family so that you both know how your employment will work. This should include anything that either of you have concerns about, so that these are ironed out and have already been discussed prior to your start date.

You should also research your rights to ensure that everything within the agreement is legal. These rights can differ depending on whether you are a live-in or live-out nanny, so make sure that you take this into consideration.

Remain professional

Although it is expected that you will build a great bond with the family you are working for, it is important to remember that you are an employee of theirs and must always remain professional.

Even when an interest is taken in what you do outside of work try to hold back on details that you wouldn’t tell a manager in any other profession as this can blur the boundaries between you and your employer. Ensure that you show respect when raising any issues, keep a positive attitude, and keep your look professional too.

It can be helpful to hold regular meetings with the parents to address anything that has come up in the week, which can be more formal than perhaps during the normal working day.

Look after yourself

When you are taking care of others it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to look after yourself, but you will find that you can carry out your work far better if you do.

Lots of energy is required to be a nanny as you must be constantly aware of what is going on around you, so ensuring that you take time out to rest your mind when you are not at work is very important.

By getting enough sleep, eating healthily, taking part in exercise that you enjoy, and spending time with your friends and family outside of work, you can keep a work and life balance that meets your physical, emotional and social needs.

Starting your journey as a nanny is an exciting time and by following these tips for new nannies you can be sure that you will have a fantastic experience and one that you will always remember with happiness.

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