Four Tips for Live-in Nannies

Live-in nannies

If you are considering becoming a live-in nanny or have accepted your first live-in nanny role, you might be wondering how to take on this new situation.

We have put together four tips for live-in nannies which we hope you will find helpful.

Set your time boundaries

Being a live-in nanny means that you can’t leave your workplace at the end of the day like most people can and this might come with its own stresses.

One of the most important things to do when you accept a live-in nanny role is to set your time boundaries with your new employers, so that you are both clear about the hours that you will be working and those which you can enjoy by yourself.

It may be tempting for the parents to turn to you to take care of their children if they need to pop out to do a quick chore, but if this request comes during your free time then you should not feel obligated to comply. It is important for you to be able to relax in the home when you are not working, and you should not be made to feel like you are on call always. On the other hand, never being flexible to help your employers in difficult situations will not either be beneficial. Having a work/rest balance is crucial.

In addition to this, it is vital that the family have their own time together without you, so making sure that you give each other space is integral in making sure that your relationship works.

Make friends

To enjoy your live-in nanny status, you should try to make friends in the area where you will be located so you have a support network who you can turn to if you need to and can spend time with when you’re not working.

Social media makes it easier to meet people with common interests to you that live nearby than it used to be, and you are sure to find some groups which you can join and get chatting to likeminded individuals. Always make sure that you meet new people in a public place. You are also sure to meet parents and other nannies on the school run who you enjoy talking to.

Of course you should also stay in touch with the friends that you already have, even if they live far away. Just make sure that you speak to your employers about agreeing on a guest policy, so you know the rules around having friends over. This is important as you need to respect the family and their home, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t be unhappy with you having guests over to visit.

Make your room your own

The room that you are provided with as a live-in nanny should be one that you consider your own, so you should not feel worried about personalising it and adding touches which make it into a space you feel comfortable and happy in.

It may be that your employers are happy for you to paint the walls or hang pictures on them, but if not, there are other ways that you can make it feel like your own personal space. For example, buy bedding that you love, a rug to add some colour to the floor and photo frames for displaying all your favourite photographs.

Have a back-up plan

Being a live-in nanny means that if something were to happen which caused you to lose your job in unpredictable circumstances, you would also lose your house to. To make sure that you are not left in an unmanageable position it is important that you have a back-up plan in place, which you can turn to should the worst happen.

By having enough savings put aside to help you to rent somewhere while you search for a new role you can feel prepared should you lose your job, and although it will be a difficult time, financial security will mean you have one less thing to worry about.

We hope that these four tips for live-in nannies have helped you to feel more prepared for this particular type of nanny role and should you have any questions or want to find a new nanny job yourself please do contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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