Four Discipline tips for Nannies

Discipline tips

Discipline is a very important part of a nanny’s job as knowing exactly when children need disciplining and how this should be carried out will be something that could present itself quite often throughout their time with a family.

Here we look at four nanny discipline tips which can help both parents and nannies to ensure that the children in their care are being disciplined effectively in love, when necessary, so that they grow up knowing what good and acceptable behaviour is. Having boundaries in place will also teach children to become loving, kind, responsible and respectful people.

Discuss discipline strategy together

It is vital that parents and nannies discuss a discipline strategy together before the nanny is hired to ensure that everyone is on the same page as any inconsistencies could confuse children and lead them to wonder about who their authority figures are.
It is crucial that this is discussed in the interview stages, as if you as a nanny disagree with the approach that is used, you may find it difficult to carry this out yourself. Equally, if there are no boundaries in place and the family do not believe in applying any boundaries, you may also struggle with this.

Create clear discipline guidelines together or make sure that the nanny is happy to follow your approach that you already have in place, so that there are no blurred lines. Make sure that the nanny knows that they may speak to you if required, to discuss any situations that may arise and that the nanny may approach you for guidance.

You as the nanny, should also feel comfortable to suggest any ideas that you have which have worked well with children in the past, as your experience in this area could be potentially be helpful.

Be open to compromise

Nannies need to feel empowered and supported to feel comfortable about disciplining the children in their care, so although they must abide by the rules that they have agreed on with the parents, it may be that if things don’t seem to be working a compromise will have to be made.

This could be brought up whenever a meeting is held between the nanny and the parents to discuss progress unless something very urgent comes up. Time should be spent finding a solution that both parties agree on to ensure that the children are receiving the same discipline from both their parents and their nanny.

Be respectful of each other

If a nanny breaks one of the discipline rules it is important that the parents do not bring this up in front of the children as this could damage the respect that they have for their nanny. Instead, arrange a meeting to go through the reason why you are unhappy with their choice and how you would have handled it instead.

Parents and nannies must work in a partnership, for the relationship to work. If parents consistently find that their nanny is not following the discipline rules that have been set, or the nanny is finding it difficult to carry out what has been agreed, it may be that the role will not work out between the family and the nanny.

Discipline is such an important topic and so many people have their own opinions on it, so both parents and nannies must ensure that they can work together towards the same goals to ensure that the children receives consistency from everyone.

Stay calm

As a nanny, if you find that you need to discipline a child in your care it is vital that you stay calm throughout and don’t lose your temper.

Approaching the situation calmly will mean that you can assess it better and are less likely to make rash decisions which could upset both you and the child further.

Remaining calm will also show the child that this is the correct way to behave when something has frustrated them and that getting worked up will not solve the issue.

Putting boundaries in place brings stability and security in a child’s life and this will help them to live a happy and balanced life. The fundamental keys are to remain consistent, work in partnership and to remain calm.

We hope that these nanny discipline tips will help both parents and nannies to work together through this important aspect of childcare.

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