Five Organisation Tips for Nannies

five organisation tips for nannies

Looking after children can often be unpredictable and although the fun of not knowing what each day will bring, is something that draws a lot of people to this line of work, this does mean that nannies must be prepared and organised so that they can deal with whatever comes their way, therefore we have put together five organisation tips for nannies, which we hope will help you to plan your days so that they run smoothly and you and the children in your care can just focus on the important things.

Create a timetable

The likelihood is that your children will have a range of activities and play dates that need organising, as well as after school clubs and homework commitments if they are of school age.

The best way to keep track of what is happening on each day is by creating a timetable. This way the whole family can keep updated so you know what needs to be prepared for each day and where you and the children need to be at which times.

It may also help to print a few copies of your timetable, so each family member has their own, as this can help to cross reference them and keep things simple.

Prepare the night before

If you know that one child has history homework that they have completed, and one has P.E. the next day the best thing you can do, is to ensure that the items that they need are packed in their school bags and left in an obvious place the day before.

By completing these small tasks in advance, you give yourself more time to play with should something unexpected happen the next morning, and this will also limit the possibility of leaving something important behind.

Even by making lunches the day before can save precious time in the morning, just make sure that you remember to take them out of the fridge before you do the school run!

Plan a routine

Once you have been working with a family for a while you will find that there are certain tasks that you do at particular times, like washing up while the children get dressed or having a tea break with them while they eat their breakfast.

This means that you will already have a routine of sorts, but by planning one in a little more detail you can make sure that you are making the most out of the time that you have and can avoid missing out on those small tasks that can slip under the radar when things get busy.

Consider meals in advance

Nobody likes to have to think about what to make for lunch or dinner under pressure, and this task becomes even more stressful when there are children involved who might be fussy eaters or have certain allergies that need to be considered.

One way to organise this so that it becomes hassle-free is to make a record of successful meals that you have made for the children in your care and set these up on a rota, so you know what you will be preparing on each day of the week.

The important thing here is to plan meals which are simple, healthy, enjoyable and you do not have to worry about creating gourmet feasts in order to keep the family happy.

Practice great communication

Our final organisation tip for nannies is to communicate well with the family that you are working with to ensure that all tasks and needs are being covered.

Effective communication means that everyone will be aware of what is happening when and there will be no confusion about your role and what it is that is expected of you on a daily basis. This also includes talking to the children in your care as they may have some ideas that you haven’t thought of yourself, which could help your days to run smoothly.

We hope that these five organisation tips for nannies will be useful for you during your working days and if you are looking for your first nanny position or if you are searching for a new one and would like to complete our nannies’ application form, please feel free to do so. Thank you.



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