5 Great Easter Activities for Children

With Easter just around the corner we are sure that both parents and nannies are thinking of ways to entertain the children in their care during their time off school, and there are plenty of fun Easter activities that they are sure to love!

Here are 5 great Easter activities for children that you can try, and we think you will have just as much fun as they do, plus you’ll make some lovely Easter memories.

Easter crafts

Craft activities give children a fantastic opportunity to be creative and use their imaginations and they are sure to be entertained for hours when given lots of fun craft materials to use. Plus depending on what type of crafts they make it can be a very affordable activity too.

Blowing eggs and decorating the shells with felt tip pens, sequins, and glitter is a classic Easter activity, and these can be given as gifts to family and friends too. Pompom chicks are another favourite although these can take a little more skill and making Easter cards is a lovely idea and can be as simple or extravagant as you like.

Easter egg hunts

Children of all ages will enjoy an Easter egg hunt, and they can be a fun way to encourage them to be active and run around the garden a bit before they indulge in chocolate treats.

If you are feeling creative, you could make a map to lead them to the hidden eggs or write clues to help them to locate their prizes. Alternatively, just hide them and hope that you remember where they all are as one always seems to go missing!

If you are trying to keep the amount of chocolate the children in your care eat to a minimum you could still set up a hunt but hide small toys or healthy snacks instead.

Easter baking

The school holidays are a great time to get the baking supplies out of the cupboard, and Easter offers plenty of baking options that both kids and adults will enjoy making.

Simple chocolate cornflake nests are always a hit, or you could give crème egg brownies a try for an indulgent treat. Alternatively, decorating biscuits with coloured icing is lots of fun and especially appealing to younger children.

These baked goods could then be presented to family and friends in boxes or wrapped in bags as an alternative to giving Easter eggs.

Share the Biblical Easter story

The Biblical Easter story is one that should be shared with children with joy and victory, as it teaches the most important truth about how much they are truly loved by our Saviour Jesus Christ and God our Father.

By helping children to understand that Jesus was sent by God the Father to pay the ultimate price for our sins, so that we can have intimate fellowship with God and that there is eternal life for anyone who chooses this.

Although you may not want to go into detail about the crucifixion with younger children you can help them understand that even though it is very sad to think about how Jesus had to suffer such a horrific death, and that He was risen on the third day, it is the most amazing gift that anyone will ever receive, and that God loves them so unconditionally.

This astonishing story of love and selflessness teaches us how Mighty and Powerful God is and that God is love.

Host an Easter party

Hosting an Easter party is a fantastic way to bring people together over the Easter period and celebrate this significant time of year. You could tie in some of the other Easter activities that we have mentioned if there will be many children present and serve up some Easter baked goods of course!

As the weather is usually warming up over the Easter weekend it may be that you could have a garden party, which can be particularly lovely when the spring flowers are starting to show themselves.

We hope that these 5 great Easter activities for children have inspired you to have a fun-filled Easter break with the children in your care and that you all have a blessed time celebrating this important Christian holiday.

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