Are you Considering a Nanny Share?

Nanny Share

Having a nanny care for your children in your own home can be more cost-effective especially if you have two or more children to be cared for. Welcoming a nanny brings many benefits including your children being in the comfort of their own home. Entering into a nanny share is even more cost effective as the cost is shared between two or more families. Nanny shares are often more appealing to nannies as well, as they will be earning a higher salary than if they were just working for one family.


Before deciding whether a nanny share is the best option for your family there are a few important questions to ask yourself:

  • Would you be happy to share your nanny with another family?
  • Will you be content with your child not receiving the nannies complete full attention all the time, as there will be other children to be cared for?
  • Are you happy to alternate each week (or however works best for both families) so that the nanny works in both homes?
  • Are you happy to drop your child off at the other families home when it’s their turn for the nanny to care for all the children in their home?
  • If you have a young child, would you be happy for your toddler to sleep in a travel cot if a traditional cot is not available at the other families home?
  • Would you be happy to share food with the other families’ children or would it be better if each family provided their own meals? This is especially important if any of the children have food allergies or are intolerant to any food.
  • If a double buggy is needed, will both families share the cost of this?
  • If one of the families’ children becomes ill, what agreement would you have in place? Would the nanny still be paid for a child not attending for a given day?
  • If the nanny is ill, would each family be accommodating? A suggestion is for each family to take turns if the nanny becomes ill.


It is also advisable to meet up with the other family to iron out all these questions and what approach will work best for both set of families before the interviewing process begins. The nanny will feel more content to see that the families have communicated between themselves and have come to a mutual arrangement.


Each family should have a contract with the nanny and it is also a good idea that an agreement is drawn up between the families, so that everything has been specified. This way the relationship between both families stays professional and that potential hiccups can be avoided later on down the road. Communication is absolutely vital!


Other things to think about before considering a Nanny Share:

Both families ideally need to live reasonably close to each other and agree on how the days/weeks will be split. For instance some families will take weekly turns for the children to spend their time at each families home. This way each family will also benefit from the nanny helping with child related duties in each home.

What views does each family have regarding electronic devices?

Each family is unique and has their own preferences as to how they discipline their children. This is a very important topic to discuss in order to establish whether each families approach will work well in a nanny share.

Ideally the nanny should be allowed to choose two weeks of holiday as and when the nanny would like to take their holidays and each family would choose a week of holiday.

Often with nanny shares the nanny would split their tax free allowance according to the number of days worked for each family. For instance if the nanny works Monday to Friday for both families, then their tax code is normally split equally. Our nanny agency recommends using a professional payroll company to ensure that the correct liabilities are paid by both families. Christian Nannies recommends Nanny Tax.

Nanny Tax would be more than happy to assist you. If you would like to know more about Nanny Tax, here is a link:


Being part of a nanny share has many benefits and is brilliant for children especially if they are an only child, as this will allow them to benefit from socialising with other children on a regular basis. This will help encourage and teach children how to share and to interact with other little human beings that are a similar age, while learning about the world around them.


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