Wondering how to gain childcare experience?

Childcare Experience

Have you wondered how to gain childcare experience? As with any industry many people will at some point face the challenge of not having any experience in the profession which they would like to pursue.

This is magnified in the childcare world as mother’s helps, junior nannies, nannies, mannies and other people that would like to work directly with children are dealing with vulnerable and innocent lives. This is understandably a huge responsibility.

Families expect candidates to be honest, trustworthy, responsible and passionate about helping children to learn, grow and develop into young individuals that feel loved, happy and secure. Children need to be taught [and led by example] to respect others and their elders, to be kind and compassionate, to speak the truth and to love all people.

Most families require candidates to have the relevant experience and often to be qualified in childcare. So how do you overcome this obstacle of wanting to help shape children’s lives by being a brilliant role model to the children in your care?

The following options could be beneficial: 

  • Become an Au-pair

Many people wanting to gain childcare experience and often to learn English would start off by living with a host family. Most Au-pairs are required to help care for the children for 25 hours per week, having many hours off to attend a language school. The host family will welcome the Au-pair into their home [so that they are part of the family] and will provide full accommodation. Au-pairs are also given pocket money each week. This can range from £80 – £120 depending on several factors.

  • Volunteering 

A great way to obtain hands on childcare experience is to volunteer for a children’s charity or through your local Church, helping with kid’s Church, Sunday school and at Christian Camps to name a few.

This can be so rewarding and will help gain valuable childcare experience while contributing to society.

Some Churches have mission trips to other countries across the globe. Often Church’s will require volunteers to help with these mission trips to assist children that may need to be comforted, shown love and affection and just to have someone to help them through often a very frightening ordeal.

  • Short Childcare Courses 

Other ways to help gain valuable knowledge is by attending short childcare courses. Many courses are very cost effective and often people will walk away from the training feeling more content and confident within themselves.

Babyem specialises in Childcare training courses including the Common Core Skills and Knowledge course. This course is suitable for all candidates and will help candidates to gain more knowledge relating to the following:

  1. Effective communication and engagement with children, young people and families;
  2. Child and young person development;
  3. Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the child;
  4. Supporting transitions;
  5. Multi-agency working and
  6. Sharing information.
  • Attending College

Gaining qualifications by attending college in Childcare may be a good way to gain hands on experience as some courses include a placement. Many families prefer candidates that have formal childcare qualifications, as they have chosen childcare as a professional career.

  • Become Ofsted Registered

Some candidates find it beneficial to register with Ofsted on the voluntary childcare register. For some families this is crucial as they can save on their childcare cost if they meet the criteria.

Once the candidate is registered on the voluntary childcare register the candidate will need to sign up for the Tax-Free Childcare scheme.

The following criteria must be met before applying:

Step one:

Complete an Enhanced DBS and register for the update service

Step two:

Complete the Common Core Skills and Knowledge training course or already hold a Level 2 Childcare qualification or higher

Step three:

Attend a Paediatric First Aid course [this covers infants and children between 0 – 8 years old] recognised by Ofsted

Step four:

Get Public Liability Insurance [this protects candidates and brings peace of mind to families]

Candidates will need to apply for a Government Gateway Account first and once this has been completed candidates will be able to log into the Ofsted online portal where they can complete their application. Ofsted aims to complete applications within 12 weeks.

Babyem offers a Ofsted registration package at a discounted rate which includes one month free Public Liability Insurance. [Public Liability Insurance is an additional cost]. 

  • Childcare References 

Childcare references are essential when working with children. Whether you have volunteered in kid’s church, at a children’s hospital or your local childcare centre or you have worked for a family as an Au-pair, mother’s help, junior nanny or nanny, it is crucial that written childcare references are provided [that may be contacted at the relevant stage] as this will show potential families your dedication, passion and love for caring for children!

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