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If you are a nanny, manny, junior nanny, mother’s help or you are looking to transition from working in child related settings to caring for children in their home, feel free to reach out to us with any questions that you may have. We will endeavour to assist you the best we can in to relation to your query. 

On this page you will find our process and criteria for all candidates that are interested in applying to register with us. 

Our aim is for our candidates to stay with their chosen family for as long as possible. This brings structure and stability for the entire family and helps create a strong bond between the child and the nanny. 

Therefore honest and transparent communication is essential for the professional relationship between the candidate and family. 

The Process

Step 1

If a candidate would first like to make an enquiry they can reach out via our contact page. 

Otherwise our application form may be completed. 

If we are happy to proceed the candidate will be invited for an interview via a video call. 

The candidate will be required to send us copies of all the applicable documentation so that we can start to process their application. 


Step 2

Once we have processed the candidates application we will then arrange to meet the candidate in person to view their original documents.

If the candidate prefers not to meet in person during the pandemic the candidate may choose to get their original documents certified by a professional person who is authorised to certify documents as a true copy of the original documents.

All candidates will be informed if they have been successful with registering with Christian Nannies or if they have not registered successfully.  

Step 3

When a suitable role with a family becomes available, we will ask if the candidate would like to be put forward for the position.

If the candidate is invited to attend an interview with a family we will arrange this meeting and if needed any other interviews that may be requested by the family.

If a family makes an offer of employment, the candidate will then decide whether they accept the offer or not. 

Step 4

If the Offer of Employment is accepted the candidate will receive a drafted Contract of Employment from their new employer and will be given the opportunity to ask any questions or request to make changes.

Both the family and candidate must be happy and satisfied before the signing of the final Contract of Employment. 

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Required Criteria

Right to work in the United Kingdom

Enhanced DBS Stating Child Workforce

Public Liability Insurance [nanny insurance]

Written childcare references with contactable referees

Paediatric First Aid Recognised by Ofsted

Relevant and sufficient childcare experience

Registering With Ofsted

Registering on the Ofsted voluntary register is not a requirement to register with Christian Nannies however some family’s require the candidate to be registered or willing to become registered. 

Families are able to benefit from Tax-Free Childcare if they employ a nanny that is Ofsted registered and therefore will be able to save on their childcare costs. Ofsted registration fee costs £103 per year. This registration needs to be renewed yearly. Some family’s are happy to pay for the annual fee whilst the candidate is employed by the family.

To be eligible to register with Ofsted on the voluntary register, the candidate will need to meet four requirements.

If you have registered with Christian Nannies you will already have three of the four requirements that Ofsted requires, which are listed below. 


Enhanced DBS Stating Child Workforce


The Common Core Skills and Knowledge training in Childcare or already hold a Level 2 Childcare qualification or higher


Paediatric First Aid Recognised by Ofsted 


Public Liability Insurance [nanny insurance]


Babyem provide Paediatric First Aid training recognised by Ofsted and assist candidates with Enhanced DBS applications. Babyem offer other childcare courses too. Contact Christian Nannies to receive a discount code. 

First Aid for Life

First Aid for Life provide Paediatric First Aid training recognised by Ofsted. Contact Christian Nannies to receive a discount code.


Nannyinsure provide nanny public liability insurance which is recognised by Ofsted. 

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