7 Ways to Teach Children about Kindness

Teach children about kindness

Bringing up kind children is all that many parents and nannies want to do as ensuring that they grow up to be thoughtful and generous adults is very important. This will also help them to make lots of friends and be generally happier and content through being kind to others.

There are many opportunities which allow you to teach children about kindness in a way that enables them to understand why being nice to other people is a great thing to do, no matter if you are one of their parents or taking care of them in a nanny role.

Work as a team

Whenever there is an opportunity to ask the children in your care to help you out with a chore, or assist you with running an errand, you should use it to teach them about kindness and how helping you makes you feel happy and means that you have more time to spend with them.

This is particularly true if you are doing something to assist someone else yourself, like making a meal for a sick friend or picking up some shopping for an elderly neighbour, as it is fantastic to include children in these selfless acts.

Encourage charity

It can be difficult to teach children about charity, especially when they are very young, as they often have not grasped the concept of putting the needs of others before their own yet.

However, you can encourage them to donate unwanted toys or clothes and use this to explain why this is a very kind and thoughtful thing to do. You could also help them to arrange or take part in a sponsored event where they raise money with the intention of donating it to a good cause.

Learn to recycle

A simple task like recycling can give you the opportunity to teach children how to be kind to the earth and how it is vital that they do all that they can to preserve the planet that they live on.

By showing them how different materials can be recycled so that they can be reused, you will hopefully enable them to get into the habit of not just throwing everything into the same bin.

Assign chores

When children help you to complete chores it does not only mean that they are finished quicker, but it also gives them an understanding of how much easier the housework is when they tidy up after themselves.

You should also encourage them to offer to help tidy up when they have been a guest in someone else’s house, as even though it may not be expected by the host it is a very kind thing to do.

Small acts of kindness

If you teach the children in your care about how a small act of kindness can really make someone’s day, they are far more likely to try to achieve this than if you simply tell them to try to be kind.

Give them examples, such as complimenting a friend’s coat or thanking their teacher for a good lesson, which they can use in their day to day life to help them with this.

Encourage great manners

Most people who are bringing up children will ensure that they teach them good manners, but this could be taken a little further than saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ although this is highly important.

For example, teach them how to be polite even when they may not want to be, to respect adults and their peers by listening when they are being spoken to, and encourage them to practise good table manners too.

Show them good in the world

Often it can be difficult to teach children how to be kind when there are so many terrible things happening in the news, however by focusing on the good of this world and by sharing positive stories of kind things people are doing within your own community, there still is an amazing amount of good in this world.

By implementing these 7 ways to teach children about being kind to other people, this will eventually become very natural to them.



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