5 Ways to Have Fun Cooking with your Kids

Cooking with your Kids

Cooking with your kids is a great way to teach them valuable skills and gives you some special bonding time too, whether you are their parents or their nanny.

These 5 ways to have fun cooking with your kids are ideal for if this is something you have not tried before, or if you are looking for new ways to get them helping in the kitchen. We are sure that you will all enjoy the experience!

Shop for ingredients together

Going shopping for ingredients as a team is a great way to teach the children in your care about different types of food, which ones are healthy, which are treats and how to create a balanced meal.

You can have fun getting the kids to tell you if foods are healthy or not, whether they would eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack, and picking out things that they have never tried before too.

This is a good way to teach children about how important it is to have a healthy diet, and then you can all get excited about putting all of the ingredients together to make something delicious in the kitchen when you get home.

Delegate cooking tasks

You should always try to delegate cooking tasks to your children depending on their age, as the kitchen can be a dangerous place to be, so certain tasks should definitely be reserved for you to complete yourself.

Younger children can have fun fetching and measuring ingredients, stirring mixtures, and pouring pre-weighed ingredients into a bowl or into an ovenproof dish prior to it being put in the oven by an adult, whereas you can begin to teach much older children, how to use small utensils like a grater or vegetable peeler and less tricky kitchen gadgets like a blender whilst under your supervision.

One task that everyone can get involved with is cleaning up once your food has been prepared, and although this might not seem like fun they are sure to be happy to help if it means that they can try their delicious creation.

Get creative

There are loads of totally creative things that you can do when cooking with children which will keep them engaged and excited about learning new skills.

For example, you could get cookie cutters which can be used to cut out sandwiches or soft granola bars, prepare a selection of pizza topping which can then be used to create fantastic pizzas, and experiment with different flavour combinations to see what works and what really doesn’t!

You could also invest in some kids’ kitchenware such as aprons and colourful utensils to make them feel like professional chefs.

Taste everything

One tactic that is sure to help you to have fun cooking with your kids is to taste everything as you go along as this will certainly keep them interested and helps them to see how the recipe is progressing. This will also help them to recognise which flavours complement each other.

Another fun idea is making them close their eyes before they try different foods to see if they can guess what they are. You can also include smelling and touching to get the other senses involved too. This is a great way to get them to try foods that you might struggle to tempt them with otherwise.

Be encouraging

Cooking with kids can take a lot of patience, but it is a great activity which they can learn a lot from, so it is worth being encouraging as they experiment so that they find it enjoyable and are willing to keep trying.

Don’t be afraid to do things which will make cooking less time-consuming sometimes, like buying prepared frozen vegetables, as no parent or nanny always has enough time to make their meals from scratch, especially when children are involved!

By taking things slowly and giving children tasks that they like to do, but will also find challenging, you can ensure that you will have fun cooking with your kids and that they will start to learn valuable life skills which will come in very useful as they grow older, and they might even be treating you to fantastic homecooked meals before you know it!

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